Financial Care Assessment

Each Local Authority (LA) in Wales has a statutory duty by law to assess every individual’s financial situation regarding the payment of care services.

When seeking finance for care provision for yourself or a loved one, you can ask for a financial assessment, though this should be offered to you on approaching your social services department.

What should I do?

Prior to the financial care assessment, you must ensure that you have applied or secured the benefits that you or a loved one are entitled to, as they will be included within the financial care assessment review. The assessment will not take into consideration the value of your or a loved one’s home. In the event that you or a loved one are cohabiting with a partner, the financial situation e.g. (income / capital /savings / trust funds / pensions etc) will be calculated on an individual basis.

Assessment and Eligibility for Services

The Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 states that each local authority has a legal duty to carry out an assessment of anyone living in its area who may need community care services, once it becomes aware of this need. The assessment must take into account all aspects of your needs.

An older person would nearly always be entitled to a needs assessment itself (though note that this wouldn’t necessarily mean they would be deemed eligible for services as a result – this would depend on the level or extent of their needs that are identified in the assessment). The right to a needs assessment is not affected by the level of your financial resources or other circumstances.

An important element of the assessment is that service users should have a certain amount of ‘protected income’ – that is, after paying their contribution for services they should have that level of protected income left to live on. Therefore, depending on your circumstances, you may well pay less than the maximum weekly charge mentioned above. If you get help from a friend or family member (a carer), your carer’s own needs and opinions should be considered and taken into account as part of your own assessment.

Eligibility Criteria for Service Provision

After the completion of a needs assessment, based on the results, the local authority will decide whether or not it should provide or arrange social care services for you.

In Wales, there is a maximum weekly charge for homecare and other non-residential social care services. This has been in operation for a number of years already and is retained as part of the new Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act assessment and charging rules.

The current maximum charge is £60 per week (it may change from April 2017).

Local authorities are able to design and operate their own individual charging schemes – however, in doing so, each authority has to ensure that it meets certain minimum requirements set out in national Welsh Government legislation and accompanying guidance

And remember there are credit payments also available that you or a loved one could be entitled to. During the financial care assessment review, we recommend that you enquire about Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance to ensure the best financial support possible from the start.

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