Continued Professional Development

Care in Hand is an approved City & Guilds Training Centre and we believe training and knowledge are an investment in our employees which is why, regardless of their position, we encourage all members of staff to strive towards continuous professional development and recognised qualifications.

Our training manager and qualified Nurse can give advise and guidance to you enabling you to continually invest in your own development and take full advantage of the many courses our training centre has to offer.


Qualifications & Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Regular updating and enhancement of clinical skills training is provided for all Nurses, Health Care Assistants and Social Care carers on an individual basis, with regular supervision, yearly training and development reviews.

How will CPD benefit you?

When starting work with Care in Hand, every new care worker undergoes a 7 day induction training programme by a suitably qualified person. Following this induction each trainee will be allocated a mentor who will provide guidance and support for 12 weeks.

Our training manager will then take over your CPD and during your 3 monthly supervisions any areas where you require further support will be identified and referred for the training manager to organise. Our training manager is responsible for the on-going development of all staff within Care in Hand and you will receive regular emails informing you of on-going training days scheduled throughout the year which may be of interest to you.

We work closely with the Social Care Workforce Development Partnership (SCWDP) to make available to you the many training opportunities they offer. Our training manager is responsible for ensuring we comply with the Care Council for Wales and Care and Social Services Inspectorate for Wales national minimum qualifications requirements.

During the course of your employment you may be required to provide additional clinical duties as part of your role. All clients that require a clinical element to their care provision will have this training need identified and you will be given full patient specific training to provide this element of the care provision.

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