Care in Hand staff praised in client's 18 page letter...

It's always nice to be appreciated, and when someone takes the time to write a letter to thank you for doing your job well, you can't help but feel good.

Three Care in Hand (CiH) staff members have an extra spring in their step after being singled out for special praise by client Joan White, who sent a card and a letter to their manager to express her gratitude for their help.    

Seventy-two-year-old Joan, who lives in Pembroke with her husband, Terry, has been looked after by CiH since November 2014. 

Due to on going health problems it has been a tough couple of years for Joan, but CiH carers Sylvia, Kate and Michaela have worked hard to make her life easier.

“I’d like to sing the praises of all three women,” wrote Joan. “You are very lucky to have Michaela working for your company. She’s devoted to her job and to dealing with your clients. I can’t praise her enough. Considering she has only been working for you for three months, she is another Kate or Sylvia - two of your best carers.”

Joan also referred to the women’s  “immaculate” appearance and the excellent rapport she has with the trio, before expressing a desire for her letter to be displayed for others to read.

“I have no objection to this letter going on your notice board,” she wrote. “I’m sure these women would appreciate a little praise now and again.”

Thank you, Joan. And well done Sylvia, Kate and Michaela.