Reaching out to Africa

As well as working for Care in Hand and training to become a Mental Nurse with Swansea University, Joe Polson is planning a Christmas with a difference – when most of us might be looking forward to a relaxing break, Joe is flying out to the Gambia for 2 weeks voluntary work at the Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital. 

The Tanka Tanka Psychiatric Hospital is the only psychiatric hospital on the whole west coast of West Africa and serves a huge area with only very limited resources. Joe has so far raised funds needed to pay for his journey to Gambia and any donations he now receives will be given directly to the hospital to help meet the huge demands they face. 

Joe’s appeal has been kick started by a donation of £250 from Care in Hand. Delan Umanee, the Managing Director of Care in Hand said, ‘Joe’s planned voluntary work with the Tanka Tanka Hospital is the mark of someone for whom caring is a true vocation and we’re delighted to support his work for this important cause'.