Celebrating a 100th Birthday!!!!!

One of Care in Hand's oldest clients received an extra special delivery as he celebrated his 100th birthday. Mr John Tipton has been a client of Care In Hand for the past three years and he stated...

I am very appreciative of Care In Hand for all that they have done and are still doing for me and I look forward to the daily visits from Arlene who is my Key worker. It was a pleasure and honour to have been able to spend time with Mr Tipton on his 100th Birthday said Arlene.

Arlene takes Mr Tipton out twice a month for lunch and even to the barbers. Julia, the Care coordinator of the area has said...

"It was lovely to see John celebrate his 100th birthday with his family and his key worker Arlene.

Mr Tipton received a card from the Queen, a cake from his family and flowers from Care In Hand. A big thank you to John and his family for allowing us to share this special moment, a moment we will never forget.

Happy Birthday to you John.