A company that cares for its staff, as well as its clients 

Working in the home care sector can offer you a fulfilling, long term career, provided you are employed by a company that cares about you, too.

Care in Hand believes in looking after its staff, and is committed to recognising and rewarding the achievements of individual employees.

Every quarter, staff from all four Care in Hand teams working in Pembrokeshire receive accolades for their hard work. This could be for dedication to care, quality service provision, or even for being the best newcomer.
This quarter, Care in Hand’s Managing Director Delan Umanee was pleased to have the opportunity to reward ten staff members who have worked for the company for five years or more.

Each individual was awarded a framed certificate and a cash bonus.

“I think it’s extremely important to let our staff know we are aware of their hard work, and that we really appreciate their efforts. I particularly enjoy handing out the long service awards. I’m proud that people are happy being employed by Care in Hand, and want to stay with us and progress in their careers.”

said Delan.

Long service awards were given to:

  • BJ Williams
  • HM Lewis
  • LN Somera
  • J Hinwood
  • J Gumapos
  • V Jones
  • J Fairlie
  • CA Asparassa
  • S Turner
  • SM Elliott-Merriman.