CSSIW inspection finds Nursing and Complex Care service ‘professional, respectful and friendly’

Care in Hand’s Nursing and Complex Care service has passed a Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales (CSSIW) inspection with flying colours, proving that clients with high level needs can receive top quality care in the comfort of their own homes. 

A CSSIW inspector submitted a particularly complimentary report of the service following an unannounced visit, which included discussions with clients’ relatives, Nursing and Complex Care staff and their manager. The report noted the 'high level of continuity in people’s care' provided by the specialist service, and praised service workers for their 'professional, respectful and friendly attitude'.

Also mentioned was the 'clearly explained, relaxed and unhurried care-giving' by staff, in a manner 'mindful of the person’s need for privacy and dignity'.

A relative questioned by the inspector said they felt safe having Care in Hand employees in their home, and remarked that staff displayed a 'genuine affection' for their loved one.

"They show a real commitment to their work and to providing good quality care."

The report observed that service workers felt valued by their manager, and were 'confident of a helpful response' when raising concerns or sharing ideas regarding a client’s care. A client’s relative echoed this sentiment, saying they found it easy to discuss their loved one’s care plan with the manager. The inspector stated there was 'clear evidence' of this relative’s input in the care planning process.

“I’m particularly proud of this recent report because it confirms that clients with nursing needs can be successfully cared for at home. We tailor care packages to individual requirements, focusing our efforts on clients’ personal decisions, independence and quality of life. Whatever the requirement — from younger adult care and accident care to on-going support of a progressive condition and even family support — clients and their relatives can rely on Care in Hand.”

said Managing Director Delan Umanee.