You shall go to the ball!!

Outstanding dedication to care shown by Home Care Assistant Stacey Williams of the Saundersfoot team earlier this year.

When Stacey learned that a client who she visited regularly was unable to attend her Granddaughters wedding through concerns that the day may be a little too much, Stacey, with the support of her manager, took it upon herself to ensure that, one way or another, her client would be able to be a part of this special day.

Stacey encouraged her client to prepare for the wedding and also offered to accompany her.  Together they outlined goals to achieve on the day and over a 2 month period, Stacey and her client worked towards these together which resulted in the client not only attending the wedding but staying for both the ceremony and reception. 

Following the wedding day Stacey received a letter of thanks from the Granddaughter for enabling this to happen stating:

I never thought that my Grandmother would ever be able to attend. Thanks to your kind effort this has been possible. We are very grateful and cannot thank you enough.

Said Delan Umanee

This is one of the best example of social inclusion I’ve seen and it fills me with pride to know that we have someone so caring working as part of our team. Well done!!