Our website has recently been redesigned and transformed so that it is mobile friendly! Great timing as it has just been announced that smartphones have overtaken laptops as the most important device to connect to the internet for the first time and that more and more people are using mobile devices to browse the web!

So how have we made our website mobile friendly or as it is called in the industry ‘mobile responsive’. Our website has now been designed in a way that means that smartphones and tablets will display our site properly and it will also be easy to navigate.

Here are just 2 key elements that have been incorporated into our website design. First, we recognised that as more and more people will be viewing it on a smaller screen it is essential that content and navigation options are readily available without you having to scroll down too much.

Secondly, if you are using your smart phone or mobile device you will be using your finger to navigate rather than a mouse. Fingers aren’t as precise as using a mouse and also they are larger than the mouse cursor so we have made sure that important areas of our site, such as the navigation bar, don’t need to be zoomed in for you to read them and access them.