Pembrokeshire' s First Dementia Champion

Dementia sufferers and their families can rest assured that they are in good hands when they are visited by Care in Hand's staff. With one in 14 people diagnosed with dementia, and 50 per cent of others displaying dementia-related conditions but going undiagnosed, a sensitive and knowledgeable approach to all clients is vital. Care in Hand has been working closely with the Alzheimer's Society to ensure that within the next three months, all its 220 staff will become Dementia Friends. CiH senior carer Claire Stupple has taken on the role of the company's Dementia Champion, and is currently busy delivering the Dementia Friends training to her colleagues.

Claire, who lives in Narberth, has worked for CiH since July 2013 and is currently working towards her QCF Level 5 Advanced Practice. Said CiH managing director, Delan Umanee: "We are always on a quest to improve the standard of our service, and appointing Claire as our Dementia Champion will be invaluable in enhancing the knowledge and confidence of our staff.

"Our seven-day induction course that all new staff attend before they meet any of our clients already included a dementia module, but since October 2016, we have been able to add on Dementia Friends training, and are planning to train Dementia Ambassadors in each of our three offices so they can give even more support to our carers in the field.

"Claire is very passionate about helping people with Dementia and very motivated in training staff to manage the condition. "She has already trained 42 colleagues, who were delighted to learn techniques and coping mechanisms to enable them to interact successfully and confidently with clients."

One lady, Mary Williams of Saundersfoot - who has sadly now passed away - was a rewarding example of Claire's dementia-related expertise. Said Delan: "Mary benefited greatly from Claire's training, which helped her to calm down and reduce her agitation and stress."