Use of Care in Hand’s wheelchair adapted car continues to grow rapidly as our clients become more aware of it and the benefits it can offer them! From reliable travel to medical appointments to trips within the county and further afield which offer a change of scenery and variety from their normal routine.

David Williams in Tenby is a regular user of the service. Having had a stroke in July 2002, David was initially cared for in hospital and then in a local nursing home. More recently, David has lived in his own home where he receives 4 visits a day from Care in Hand carers.  David makes regular use of our adapted car to attend his frequent hospital appointments and speaks very highly of the service. Knowing that he can rely on the car to get him to his appointments takes a great deal of worry and stress out of his life. He also appreciates having carers who know him during these journeys as they can quickly sense if he is not feeling comfortable or well.

David can’t emphasize enough how much the adapted car service helps to relieve any stress he feels about his hospital visits.  This helps him to stay positive and focus on living as fully and independently after his stroke. He is currently writing a book about his life and also, being a keen cook, a cookbook for wheelchair users which is provisionally titled ‘Woking and rolling from a wheelchair’!

Another user of the car is Ralph Venn from Stepaside. Like David, Ralph will use the service for both his Doctor and hospital appointments. However, Ralph is someone who is known for always being mischievous and his journeys will often be extended; he might visit the nearest McDonalds or KFC or visit old friends. On a recent trip to see his Dentist, Ralph re-directed the car to another Dentist’s Practice – it was a Practice he had visited 12 years ago and he wanted to call into see how everyone was getting on!

As well as ensuring that Ralph can attend his medical appointments, enjoy himself and have a change of scenery,  Ralph’s trips in the car also mean that Sam, his wife can have some time to relax by herself, knowing that Ralph is enjoying his adventures in safe hands!