Quarterly Awards Congratulates Best New Comers

Quarterly Awards Congratulates Best New Comers

Care in Hand (CiH) believes in looking after its staff, and is committed to recognising and rewarding the achievements of individual employees.

CiH Care Co-ordinator of the Wooden office, Julia Sharp, presented Arlene Pugsley and Floarea Frangulea with their awards and here’s what they all had to say…

Arlene Pugsley, who was awarded Best New Comer, said “I am very pleased that I was awarded with Best New Comer. I feel very appreciated and thank you for the Next Voucher!! Julia praised Arlene saying “Arlene is an excellent carer who has fitted into her role very well. She is caring, reliable and had a lovely personality”.

Also awarded for Caring & Compassion / Best New Comer was care worker Floarea Frangulea. Julia commented “Floarea has become an integral part of our team. Client feedback is very positive and they all think very highly of her. She is dedicated and caring” and Floarea responded saying “Thank you for everything. I feel like part of the family”.

Care in Hand’s Managing Director Delan Umanee said:

“I think it’s extremely important to let our staff know we are aware of their hard work, and that we really appreciate their efforts. Congratulations to both Arlene and Floarea and thank you!!”