Senior home care worker a credit to Care in Hand

Many of our Care in Hand staff have a special place in the hearts and lives of clients throughout Pembrokeshire – and not least Jerome Gumapos. Senior care worker Jerome was a constant feature in the lives of Dennis and Jill Hewinson of Wooden for nearly seven years. And the grateful couple were so impressed with the his “professionalism and dedication” that they even took out an advertisement in the local paper to thank him when he moved on to pastures new after nearly nine years with Care in Hand.

Mr Hewinson became a client of Care in Hand in 2010. Said Mrs Hewinson: “Right from the beginning, Jerome treated us with respect and care, always taking on board any concerns were might have and putting our needs first.

“Caring and putting others before himself came naturally to him. Nothing was ever too much trouble for him.

“We never ever felt we were just a job or a number – exceptional in this day and age!”

Mrs Hewinson praised Jerome’s “calm, quiet, unassuming, unhurried manner”, which instilled great confidence in her husband.

She added: “Jerome’s professionalism and dedication – always giving 101% - was a credit to Care in Hand.”

Mrs Hewinson’s feelings were echoed by Jerome’s manager at Care in Hand, Julia Sharp.

She said: “Jerome was a very considerate and dedicated member of our team. New members of the tea would shadow Jerome and learn from him. His clients all thought he was wonderful, and he will be missed by Care in Hand.”