Carers & Mr Johnstone go to Saundersfoot

It can be hard getting out and about as an older person, but there’s no reason for mobility issues to stop you doing the things you enjoy.

At Care in Hand we like to help our clients make the most of their lives, and our Adapted Mobility Car has opened up even more opportunities for us to make this happen.

CIH client Chris Johnstone used to be a keen sailor, but in recent years his physical limitations have made leaving his home difficult. Using our Mobility Car, CIH carers Alina and Ado took the delighted 85-year-old on a trip to Saundersfoot Harbour.  

"Chris used to have his own boat, so Ado and I thought Saundersfoot Harbour would be the perfect place for him to visit, especially as he hadn't been out for almost two years,” said Alina. “We went to the Marina, and had a drink and a look around. On our way back home, Chris requested to stop somewhere to buy flowers for his wife. He said he’d had a wonderful time!"

It’s amazing what a day out can do to boost a person’s spirits. Our Mobility Car is available for private hire, priced at £20 for the first hour and £15 thereafter. Just call 01834 811333 to book, and give someone you love a trip to remember.