Special delivery for one of our oldest clients

One of Care in Hand’s oldest clients received an extra special delivery as she celebrated her 100th birthday.

Phyllis Yeldham’s centenary happened to fall on a Sunday, the only day the Royal Mail doesn’t do the rounds.

To make sure she received her official card from the Queen, a local postman was given permission from the Head Postmaster to don his uniform and hand deliver the milestone missive to a delighted Phyllis.

After blowing out the candles on her cake, Phyllis, who has been looked after by CIH since November 2014, said she was “surprised” to have lived so long and put it down to a healthy lifestyle.

“I’ve outlived a lot of friends and family due to good living,” she explained, before toasting her longevity with a resounding “cheers!”.

Phyllis’s carer, CIH staff member Maureen Woodward was invited to her party.

Maureen said:

"Phyllis had a lovely day with her family. She’s a wonderful lady and it is a pleasure to care for her."