In early 2015, Care in Hand’s domiciliary care businesses received a pleasing Inspection Reports from CSSIW (Care and Social Services Inspectorate Wales).

With regard to the domiciliary care agencies in both Pembroke Dock and Wooden, there were many positive comments and no compliance requirement or actions were given.

The inspection report for domiciliary care covers 3 areas; Quality of Life, Quality of Staff and Quality of Leadership.

Within Quality of Life, it was emphasised that respect and dignity underpinned the way in which our staff provide care to our clients. Our clients were offered good choice e.g. gender of carer and great attention was paid to an individual’s specific needs e.g. food preferences.

The proficiency and professionalism of our carers was emphasised within the Quality of Staff section. In particular, it was noted how the induction and on-going training provision meant that our carers were consistently competent and motivated.

The Quality of Leadership section drew attention to the clarity of management and their commitment to achieving the required standards. It was also noted that staff felt comfortable about giving feedback and were confident it would receive attention.

Sheena Umanee, Registered Manager of Care in Hand, commented, ‘I’m delighted with our recent CSSIW reports. In particular, they confirm the importance of the 2 fundamental values that have underpinned the successful growth of Care in Hand.First is the importance that we are committed to providing all of our staff with appropriate and high quality training. Secondly, there is the great emphasis that we place on listening to our clients so that we can offer good and personal care.’