Next Steps

Step One - Get in touch

Pick up the phone and contact us on 01834 811 333. We’ll have a friendly chat and take some details to discuss your requirements and the options available to you. Please feel free to ask us any questions at all.

Step Two - Our Brochure

After our initial conversation, we will post or email our brochure pack, which includes all the information you need. Deciding upon home care for a loved one can be a difficult decision, and we suggest that the whole family are involved in the process. We will always be on hand to answer your questions to help you make the right decision for your caring needs.

Step Three - The Assessment

After researching the care options available, you may decide that home care from Care in Hand is the best choice for your loved one. At this point we will meet the family and prospective client in their home for your free, no obligation assessment.  As well as answering all your questions and addressing any concerns you may have, we will draw up a comprehensive support plan tailored specifically for the prospective client. We will detail all your requirements from set routines, medication, mobility issues as well as favourite hobbies and topics, so we can prepare a bespoke support package that caters for your exact requirements.

Step Four - The Quote

Following our meeting, and assuming we can provide a suitable care package we will prepare a full and detailed quote.  This will include everything from the level of care we recommend as well as the costs of the package.

Step Five - Making Choices

Once you have decided which of our care packages is the best option for your loved one, the next step will be to choose a suitable carer. We will create a carer profile and identify a carer who has the suitable knowledge and experience to meet the  needs. Matching carer to client is a vital step in making our care service successful, and we will always make decisions based on your exact requirements and circumstances.

After our Five Steps...

Once the homecare service has started, Care in Hand will appoint a care manager to oversee the delivery of the care service and the client’s needs.  The care manager will be on hand to assist the carer, the whole family or the client at any time in the event of any situation and concerns that may arise.  The care manager will regularly review the support plan to ensure that your care service continues to meet needs.


From your initial enquiry, we can have support packages up and running within two weeks.  For emergency situations, we will endeavour to meet any deadlines and specialist requirements.