Care for Partners / Companions

For any partners, married couples, siblings or companions, the thought of being parted from each other after years of living happily together within the family home is understandably daunting. When faced with the thought or actual reality of leaving the family home after years of routine, it can bring on un-necessary feelings of anxiety. This fear of the unknown and of change, especially for people in their later years, can often speed up the ageing process or in the case of a condition, lead to deterioration.

When the main carer, often a friend, family member or loved one is one of the partners living within the home and cannot cope under the pressure of being the source of support Live in Care offers a flexible, cost effective solution. In instances where one person has less dependency on a carer, we can provide a flexible level of support. In fact, whilst one carer can look after two people of varying needs (and within reason) within a family home, the cost would be two-fold in a Care Home where the price is allocated per person.

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