Live in Care vs Care Home

As the older generation increasingly live longer, families are no longer operating as close units. Geographically, for many reasons, families are living further apart today more than ever, which means caring for parents or grandparents cannot physically be done within the traditional family home by children or grandchildren alike.

The realisation that loved ones are not well enough to care for themselves is tough emotionally, but having to make the decision for them on how best to provide the support is often the most difficult decision. Whilst placing loved ones or family members within a nursing or residential home may appear to be a sound option, our Live in Care service can offer the same level of 24/7 care and support at a comparable cost without bringing a sense of upheaval to the lives of those you care for. 

Our Live in Care service offers the best of both worlds. It is a cost effective and flexible solution for most people in particular Partner / Companions who do not want to be separated. The comfort people get from remaining within the familiarity of the family home coupled with the sense of routine cannot be matched. It also offers reassurance to families that loved ones are getting the best level of care and support.

On balance, paying for Live in Care may be similar in cost to the service provided within a Care Home, but it’s impossible to measure the emotional relief being cared for within the home brings. 

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