Nursing and Complex Care

Care in Hand’s Nursing and Complex Care service allows anyone of any age to benefit from a professional and quality nursing care service, all within the comfort of their own home.

This service is provided by qualified nurses, health care assistants (HCAs) and clinical support workers, who are equipped with the necessary clinical skills and training required.  

For some, our Nursing and Complex Care service offers a critical life-line to those suffering from progressive conditions and, in particular, younger adults. In other cases, it provides much needed specialist support to those suffering from the effects of an accident.

This service also offers uplifting support to the families of these individuals in what can be difficult and upsetting times.

Whilst Nursing and Complex Care allows for tailored support and care provided within the home, we believe the consistency of our nursing team, many of whom work with a single or group of clients brings comfort through routine and companionship.

Our Nursing and Complex Care services provide care for those who have suffered brain injury, spinal cord injury or other disabling conditions, including cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and muscular dystrophy.

We understand the need for flexibility in our Nursing and Complex Care service and we tailor care packages to individual requirements, focusing our efforts on clients’ personal decisions, independence and quality of life.

Whatever the requirement - from Younger Adult Care and Accident Care to on-going Support of A Progressive Condition and even Family Support - you can rely on Care in Hand.

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