Dementia is not a specific illness. Rather it is used to describe a range of symptoms that affect an individual as a result of specific disease and conditions. The most common conditions are memory loss, confusion and problems with speech. Dementia is progressive which means that over time an individual’s symptoms will worsen.

The most common types of dementia are Alzheimers and Vascular Dementia. Whilst both forms of dementia share similar symptoms, the way in which they progress is different; Alzheimers is a gradually progressive whilst Vascular Dementia progresses in a series of noticeable steps.

As a result, although people may have some of the recognised dementia symptoms, they may not have all of them and the rate of progression will also vary. Consequently, when caring for you we will always recognise your individuality and the unique nature of your symptoms. As a nursing and care provider we will support you with a holistic care service that reflects your needs and preferences, a service that will respond quickly and flexibly to any changes in your requirements.

Our experience as a care provider has also led us to appreciate that most people are happier being independent and staying in their home. We always therefore seek to provide you with care that will support the level of independence that you want.