Q. Who regulates Care in Hand?

A. The Care Inspectorate Wales (CIW) regulates our service. Our company is registered with CIW – Certificate Number W080000609/1. 

Q. Where is the service available?

A. The Nursing / Complex Care service is available anywhere in Pembrokeshire.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. Each case is reviewed on a case by case basis and is entirely dependent on the level of care required. Each person is assessed and a costing is given. We offer a free assessment of needs and work alongside the main care manager or district nursing team. The process can take up to six weeks to arrange. Care In Hand is currently training Health Care Assistants (HCAs) to deliver clinical care and provide a more affordable cost to the community and local health boards.

Q. How long does Nursing / Complex Care last?

A. Each case is assessed on a case by case basis. Some patients at Care in Hand have used our service for several years. Others use the service for ad-hoc care or respite care.

Q. Who provides the care?

A. This form of care will be provided by Qualified Nurses or Health Care Assistants (HCAs) or Clinical Support Workers, who will be assigned to provide care to meet each individual’s specific needs, which will be assessed before the care plan is confirmed. Through our rigorous recruitment process, we carry out Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) police and Protection of Vulnerable Adults (POVA) checks during the interview process. See Our Team for further information. 

Q. Are carers screened for previous offences?

A. As part of our rigorous recruitment process, all members of staff undergo a DBS and POVA check as part of the initial interview process. All qualified nurses are checked under the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) register before they can work.

Q. What facilities will need to be available to the carer? 

A. These points will be discussed during the initial care plan session.

Q. Who will oversee my care (package)? 

A. From the initial assessment onwards you will be assessed by one of our Registered General Nurses who will oversee your care needs every step of the way. This will include supervision and management of your dedicated HCA or Qualified Nurse with regular checks made to the home. Any concerns, queries or issues, can be raised with a member of the Nursing Team on 01834 811 333.  

Q. How are HCAs / Qualified Nurses trained?

A. Following a rigorous recruitment process staff undergo a clinical skills training needs analysis to identify what level of training is required before they provide the service. Care in Hand's nurse training manager can provide the required training in collaboration with the local health boards.

Q. What happens if my HCA or Qualified Nurse is sick or goes on holiday?

A. All staff work on a rota basis and will have holidays booked at least six weeks in advance to ensure suitable cover is organised. When illness occurs, we will provide a suitable alternative to cover short term sickness.