Reablement is about helping people to regain the ability to look after themselves following an illness or injury. In other words, the purpose of reablement is to help people accommodate illness or disability by learning or re-learning the skills necessary for daily living. These skills may have been lost through deterioration in health or increased support needs.

Whilst it is true to say that the focus is on regaining physical ability it can be equally important to provide psychological support to build confidence as well.

Reablement tends to be provided to people who have just been discharged from hospital or are otherwise entering the care system following a crisis such as a serious illness or a bereavement.

We deliver reablement care services to people within their own home. It is an intensive service which can last from two to three days to up to six weeks. Our carers take guidance from senior physiotherapists and occupational therapists leading to a bespoke programme of basic exercises which help our clients to improve mobility and regain confidence, skills and greater independence. In many cases, this is all they need to regain their confidence and independence and carry on living in their own home.



Rehabilitation can be part of a reablement service or may be a distinct stand-alone service.

The aim of rehabilitation is also to maintain or increase your independence and allow you to live in your own home for as long as possible. To make this possible, our care coordinators will work with the rehabilitation officer or occupational therapist to form a care plan specific to your needs. We will support you with the provision of short-term care support and if necessary therapeutic intervention for example physiotherapy.

Your care plan will be reviewed on a bi-weekly basis to ensure that progress is being made toward the personal targets which have been set.