Care in Hand Operations Team

Working closely with our carers, our operations team is dedicated to making sure all clients receive the best form of care and support that’s best suited to them.

With over one hundred years of experience between them and a wealth of wide ranging credentials our operations team have all worked from the ground up an know the business inside out.

Delan Umanee

Delan Umanee - Responsible Individual / Finance Director

Sheena Umanee

Sheena Umanee - Director of Quality Assurance & Business Planning

Julia Sharp

Julia Sharp - Acting Registered Manager of Saundersfoot Team

Amanda Stocker

Amanda Stocker - Acting Registered Manager of Pembroke Team

Nicola Edge

Nicola Edge - Senior Finance Assistant

Rhianna Walwyn - HR Manager

Hayley Chinsammy - HR Assistant, Public Relations & Online Communications

Elizabeth Miller - Training Manager
Charlotte Evenden - Commissioning, Office and Field Assistant